C My princess Nefertari aka Nene got a little brother a week ago, who still after all this time has no name. Dogs are starting to get along well, little one following the bigger one and making us gasp our breath moment after moment - this teddy bear is the cutest thing that happened in 2016! Yorkshire terrier is small and beautiful breed but they have definitely a lot of fire in them so don't be fooled by the small size.

Our first dog, a yorkie too, was delicate and very ladylike dog. Lily Coco (my beloved little girl rip) thought me a lot about being responsible, to look after somebody and showed me how rewarding and pure love between a human and animal can be. I decided to get a new dog after by Lily passed away but it took several years before the perfect opportunity presented itself.

C In 2015 my dear friend informed me that there would be a yorkie puppy up for sale, comes from a good family and beautiful (and healthy) doggie parents. Nefertari (I named her after great queen and wife of Pharaoh Ramses the Great), this new amazingly kind dog was blessing to the skies and made a perfect family member.
The first year with Nene went amazing, she brought us all so much happiness and love. Because of Nene's need of attention and love from human, we started to think that maybe it would be good to get her a friend. She considers me and my family as her pack, and it feels heartbreaking that she would need to spend long dark days home alone when everyone else is at work. This is where a little brother would come in hand.

I am lucky enough to have family members that have own offices and work that can be independently done via computer. This meant that there were a lot of place for Nene to chill and hang out while I was at work or unable to be at home. Still, to make it more efficient and not drag the dog to different places - we decided to take a friend for Nene, so they would enjoy each other and not feel so alone at home.

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E National horse jumping competition
July, in Hanko Finland
15th anniversary in 2016, held every year. Next time in summer 2017.
Possible to stay in hotels or rent villas. The event is free for the public.
Key style: Ralph Lauren

Every year over two hundred volunteers from different riding clubs and 40 sponsors make this event happen and next year, in 2017, will be the 16th time this exciting competition is being held. SeaHorse Week is one of the most popular summer event in Hanko city along with Tennis Week and Regatta Race. This year the winners of the grand prix classes were: Junior Grand Prix: Reetta Sundberg (horse Con Lady) LähiTapiola Future Challenge 140 cm: Antonia Hartwall (horse Adecci) LähiTapiola Grand Prix partial race, 145 + 150 cm: Marina Ehrnrooth (horse EVLI Luikka) For visitors, SeaHorse Week is a perfect experience for enjoying some horse race action while sipping champagne, and later on maybe wine and dine with the riders at the official after race evening in sponsor restaurants - located at the harbor overlooking the beautiful sailing boats and yachts. Hanko is also known for its gorgeous beaches and all the activities possible near by - tennis, riding, golf, sailing, go karting, windsurfing, and of course sauna and swimming facilities. Also, the restaurant and club scene has been improving and now Hanko is a popular place amongst the youth.
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